1000VDC MCB 4P electric mini circuit breaker Series 6-63A BN60 10KA

Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Brand Name NBSe
Model Number BN60
TUV,CB,CE certificate
Packaging and delivery
Packaging Details 1P: 41.50X 33.50 X 24CM ,W/N.G:25/24KG ; 240PCS/CTN
Supply Ability
Supply Ability 300000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Detail

Product Tags

Considering the excessively low ambient temperature changes the fit of structural
parts, the lower limit value is generally not less than -5℃. Considering the service
life of the circuit breaker, the average value of 24 hours is not more than +35℃. b)
Note: ① The working conditions with the lower limit of -10℃ or -25℃ shall be
declared to the company when ordering.
② If the upper limit exceeds +40℃ or the lower limit is lower than -25℃, the user
shall negotiate with the company.
Installation location
The altitude is not more than 2000m;
Protection circuit requirements;
Short-circuit current Ik calculated at installation point is not more than 6000A; Atmospheric conditions:
The atmospheric relative humidity does not exceed 50% when the ambient air
temperature is +40℃, and can have a higher relative humidity at lower temperatures.
The monthly average maximum relative humidity in the wettest month is 90%, while
the average minimum temperature in the month is +25℃ and the condensation on the
product surface due to temperature changes.
The installation category of Circuit Breaker protection circuit is Ⅲ
d) Pollution level: Pollution level is III.
e) Installation category: .
f)The traverse section is configured according to the maximum agreed heating
current Ith of the circuit breaker

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