Circuit breakers with different frame grades

Low-voltage frame type circuit breaker, belongs to the primary distribution appliance, is a large-capacity low-voltage circuit breaker, with high short-circuit breaking capacity and high dynamic stability, multi-stage protection characteristics, mainly used in 10kV/380V power transformer 380V side, used to distribute power and protect lines and power equipment, With overload, short circuit, under voltage, single phase grounding and other fault protection function and isolation function. Universal low-voltage circuit breaker shell grade rated current is generally 200A ~ 6300A, short circuit breaking capacity is 40 ~ 50kA, with manual, lever and electric three modes of operation, the limit of high on-off capacity of the universal circuit breaker uses energy storage operating mechanism to improve the on-off speed. The universal low-voltage circuit breaker is mainly composed of contact system, operating mechanism, over-current release device, shunt release device and under-voltage release device, accessories, frame, secondary wiring circuit and other parts. All components are insulated and installed in the steel frame base of the insulation liner. Different release devices and accessories can be combined to form circuit breakers with selective, non-selective or inverse-time operating characteristics. Remote control is possible through auxiliary contacts. There are many types and models of universal low-voltage circuit breakers, many brands, and different performance. Under normal conditions, it can be used as an infrequent conversion of the line.

Plastic shell type low-voltage circuit breaker (referred to as plastic-case type low-voltage circuit breaker) belongs to the secondary distribution electrical appliances. It is characterized by a variety of accessories can be combined into different functions of the circuit breaker, the basic structure is composed of insulation closed shell (some products are transparent shell), operating mechanism, contact and arc extinguishing system, thermal magnetic release and accessories 5 basic parts. The basic components include free release device, thermal release device, main contact, test button, arc extinguishing gate and operating mechanism. Different accessories can be selected according to needs to meet different functional requirements.

Miniature circuit breakers, also known as modular miniature circuit breakers, are widely used in power distribution boxes at the end of terminal distribution lines, lighting distribution boxes and other complete sets of electrical boxes, for distribution lines, motors, lighting circuits and other electrical equipment distribution, control and protection (short circuit, overload, leakage). The micro circuit breaker consists of a handle operating mechanism, a thermal release device, an electromagnetic release device, a contact system, an arc interrupter and other components, all of which are placed in an insulating housing. The structural characteristics are the outline size modular (a multiple of 9mm) and the installation rail, the modulus width of the single-pole (1P) circuit breaker of the high-current product is 18mm (27mm), the width of the single-pole (1P) circuit breaker of the small-current product is 17.7mm, the height of the convex neck is 45mm, and the installation is using the 35mm standard rail. The installation slot behind the circuit breaker and the clamping clip with spring are used for positioning and easy disassembly. There are unipolar + neutral (1P+N type), unipolar (1P), two (2P), three (3P) and four (4P) types.

Post time: Sep-25-2023